Herbal Bath Tea Set

Herbal Bath Tea Set

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Your body deserves this special treat! Turn your ordinary bath into an therapeutic aromatherapy oasis with an aromatic Herbal Bath Tea set. Steeping this bath tea in your warm bath will help you unwind tense muscle, clear your mind and be taken away by the aroma of the soothing essential and fragrance oils. 

Our herbal bath teas provide benefits inside and out- it helps to naturally relieve achy and tiredness while leaving your skin soft and supple. Packed in a convenient tea bag, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the herbs, botanical flowers and essential oils without the cleanup!

Size: 2 - 4 oz.

Instructions: Fill your tub with warm water, allow the herbal bath tea to steep and release the oils and salts into the bath water. Ease yourself in. Pair with “Shea Body Butter" after your bath for even softer moisturized skin.

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Oatmeal, Essential and Fragrance Oils and Dried Botanical Flowers, Leaves, Herbs and Seeds.



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